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Dorywcza Quality Checker

TVT Krakow w Kraków

We are currently seeking native speakers/translators with experience in subtitling who would be interested in quality checking (QC) mainstream films and TV shows for a very well-known US-based online film provider.

The role:
Most files will need to be spot Quality Checked - 7 mins in total of a whole programme (more of a tech check than a language check of subtitle and audio files). QCers who perform well may be given original files to check - watching the whole film in one go and reporting big issues.

We are currently hiring people to take part in this exciting project. The ideal candidate will -
Have Russian/ Slovak/ Bulgarian/ Polish or Romanian as their mother tongue
Have a very solid grasp of English
Have an interest in digital media
Be able to work from home for 3+ hours a day
You will be able to do all this work from home on an online programme provided by the company we are working with.

Paid by file - spot QC = 5 PLN - 7 PLN per file
(takes avg. 7 mins) original QC = 1 PLN per minute
(24 min US TV shows / c.120 min feature films)

Time frame:
Files are already available. You can train yourself online with the client's training portal and take a test. Once you pass, we sign you up as a Quality Checker and you can take files whenever available. There are a large number of files (subtitles and audio) that need to be checked.

The project itself will be starting within the next two weeks. We estimate it will last 3 months for three months in total.
If you are interested in participating in this project, please send your resume in english. to
We look forward to hearing from you.
TVT Krakow -

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